Short stories about gold, great finds and discoveries. Gold veins, nuggets, placer deposits and other forms of gold occurrence on land, under the ground and underwater. About those who spent all their life looking for gold and about those who found it without looking for it at all. About luck, effort and knowledge, old timers, 49ers, gold seekers, prospectors, gold hunters, diggers, claim owners and miners.


Monster 200lbs gold nugget found in Australia as a part of mother load worth $15 million!

A miner from Australia found the monster gold specimen. It probably beats the Australian Welcome Stranger nugget, which was previously though to be the biggest ever discovered. The nugget found by a driller Henry Dole weighs 205 lbs (93 kilograms), and contains over 2300 troy ounces of gold, its value is estimated at about $3 million! This monster […]