Monster 200lbs gold nugget found in Australia as a part of mother load worth $15 million!

A miner from Australia found the monster gold specimen.
It probably beats the Australian Welcome Stranger nugget, which was previously though to be the biggest ever discovered.

The nugget found by a driller Henry Dole weighs 205 lbs (93 kilograms), and contains over 2300 troy ounces of gold, its value is estimated at about $3 million!

This monster nugget needed three men to lift it up

And it should be mentioned that Henry’s great discovery did not end there.

The gold was literally everywhere – he said later about his discovery.

Henry Dole found this beast and then came across a second nugget that weighed about 132 lbs (60 kg) with an estimated worth of $2 million before uncovering even more.

Discovery took place in the Beta Hunt mine near the town of Kambalda. The Beta Hunt Mine is a nickel and gold mine near Kambalda in Western Australia. It is owned and operated by Canadian company RNC Minerals through a subsidiary named Salt Lake Mining Pty Ltd.